Hunky Dory, 2020
Hunky Dory, 2020

Hunky Dory, 2020

Vinyes Tortuga

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Dido & Jurriann worked for big industrial companies as well as for small boutique wineries. Their internship at Joan Ramon Escoda changed completely their approach and introduced them to the world of natural wine: wine made without any additions and without filtration or fining. Just transforming grapes on its  purest form into wine: not adding or  anything anything away. This sounds logical, but they experienced at first hand what can be added into wine - ranging from different types of yeasts to arabic gum - more than 88 additives are allowed in (also in AOC) wine. To be able not to work with these products, the grapes need to be of a very good (at least organic) quality. This leads to a intensified focus in the vineyard, working as natural as possible, obtaining the most delicious grapes.

Hunky Dory 2020 
Varieties: Garnacha
Vinification: carbonic maceration for 5 days. After pressing in stainless steel for 6 months.
Alc: 13%

The names of the wines derive from album titles or songs that we often listen to. Vintage 2018 marked the birth of JUICY, Hunky Dory, Hurdy Gurdy, Mojo Pin, Sugar Magnolia en Doolittle.

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