At Casa TAOS, we believe in a more conscious future. We believe in the power of connectivity - with ourselves, with others, and with the natural world. We support projects that encourage us to reflect and grow - and to consume with full awareness and gratitude. 

Why did we start the Natural Wine Club? We deeply think the pleasure of drinking wine can foster new habits and behaviours towards a more conscious lifestyle. When the historic practice of wine-making is done with respect for the land, it tastes even more delicious!

We share our passion and knowledge about natural wine collaborating directly with oenologists & local wineries in Catalonia, and with a few carefully selected ones from other regions in Spain, France, and Italy. From the grape to the bottle, the wine is produced cleanly, chemical-free, and with minimal to no mechanical intervention possible.

"We want to give you the best selection of natural wines, and the stories behind the grapes."


We invite you to join our Club to discover and explore the fascinating world of natural wine.

Our Membership Includes

· 2 bottles of wine per month selected by natural wine connoisseurs

· Exclusive wine notes and information about the monthly bottle selections.

· 5% membership discount on all wines purchased at Casa TAOS.

· First access to purchase limited edition bottles from small batch wineries from the Catalan region.


For a delivery at home, a shipping fee of 10€ will be applied to each monthly delivery.

Want to save on shipping fees?

Choose to collect the bottles at Casa TAOS free of charge. Make sure to request a free collection when purchasing your membership in-store at Casa TAOS.

To select this option when registering online, please use the following steps:

1. Select shipping method “Ship”

2. Insert the Casa TAOS shipping address: Carrer d ´ Álaba 100, Barcelona 08018 

3. Use the code «STOREPICKUP » to get free shipping

Monthly Membership Fee 30€

·The fee is charged on the 10th of every month if membership is purchased in-store at Casa TAOS via automated bank transfer. 

·For online membership purchases via credit/debit card, the charge will automatically occur monthly on the same calendar day of membership purchase date.

· Hassle free - you can cancel at any time without incurring penalties.

What are you waiting for? 

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Natural Wine Club | Membership
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We offer exclusive monthly experience events to help foster new habits towards a more conscious lifestyle. Everybody is welcome to join!

Wine Tasting - Discover new wines and meet local producers and sommeliers ready to share their love and knowledge. 

Food & Wine Pairings - Combining our favourite vegan foods and wine to have a good time..

Curated Wine Events - Experience our series of immersive events created to transmit knowledge and love around Natural Wine.

Who said Wine has to be conventional?

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