This Christmas, discover the Gift of giving

The end of the year is in sight and we are counting the days until the holiday season at Kauchy. A moment that is best spent together with family and friends. Sharing stories around a big dinner table, far away from the daily hustle and bustle, it’s the perfect occasion to look back on your year, give to those you hold dear and start looking ahead to what’s next. 

This Christmas, we invite you to slow down and shop consciously. To think with intent about what you want to gift and what you can give back. At Kauchy, we are committed to creating a more conscious gifting season. So, we’ve prepared a selection of gifts worth giving that we prize for their unique design and transparency. 

Additionally, we will donate 20% of all our Christmas sales to Instituto Terra, a reforestation program in Minas Gerais, Brazil, founded by Lélia and Sebastião Salgado. 

Instituto Terra is the result of an ambitious initiative taken in the late 1990’s. It was then that Sebastião and Léila decided to return a former cattle ranch into its original state of subtropical rainforest. The ranch had been exploited to the point of complete deforestation, with all the environmental consequences that follow. They recruited partners, raised funds and, by 1998, Instituto Terra was a fact: an environmental organization dedicated to the sustainable  development of the Valley of the River Doce.

The couple planted trees, let nature run free and has since recuperated over 17.000 acres of badly eroded land. The ranch and surrounding area have undergone a complete metamorphosis. The former ranch has been transformed into a fertile woodland where water flows from dried up springs; alive with fauna and flora who now have a safe refuge.

Their story is a gentle reminder of the resilience of nature and how a single conscious action can have a big environmental impact. We stand behind Instituto Terra and invite you to do too. Read more about their journey and shop from our conscious gift selection below.