Kauchy’s simple guide to enjoying a conscious meal.

Life as we know it has come to a halt. During this time of reflection, many of us find ourselves at home; living more in-tune with our direct surroundings than before. This new pace in life gives us the chance to cook more often. Which is the perfect chance to examine our eating habits up close. Cooking should not just be a pragmatic decision. Nourishing and nurturing yourself is all about connecting — body and mind.

At Kauchy, we are bringing together some of our favorite initiatives and recipes. We want the Kauchy Home to be a place for you to reconnect with food and healthy living. To challenge yourself to think about your daily routines and the products you use every day. 

The beauty of food lies in its simplicity. We all need food to sustain ourselves yet we often pay little attention to our relationship with eating. Take these days of seclusion to celebrate good food. To treat each meal as a sacred moment in your daily routine and to challenge your eating habits to become more eco-conscious.  So you can keep on contributing to a sustainable lifestyle from home.

Some of our favorite food concepts include the UN’s ActNow Food Challenge. Wholesome recipes made with the entire food-chain in mind:

“ More people are taking a closer look at what they are eating and the impacts of their diets on their health and on the environment. More and more chefs and other food suppliers are focusing on local and organic produce and shifting away from meat-heavy meals and fast food. They are joined by a growing movement of people changing the way they cook and eat.”

On a local level, food pioneers like Laila Gohar are sharing their knowledge on how to create easy and delicious meals from home. Laila is no stranger to experimenting with food, but in these days she is placing all effort on going back to the basics:

“ Good food takes time. Time doesn’t necessarily mean difficult. It just means dedicating yourself to something for a definite period. And working for your food - dedicating your time to nurturing - is one of the most gratifying things on earth.”

For most of us, a meal is also a social activity though. A moment to not only reconnect with yourself, but with friends and loved ones. Amsterdam-based Taverna Series brings you easy recipes, cooked together around a virtual dinner table. It’s a good moment to meet new people, or join with someone else and have some fun.

Whichever way you choose to start cooking, remember that the products you use are just as important. Make every single detail count, from the produce to the items in your household.

Take coffee, for example. It’s one of our most common pantry items and one that deserves to be of good quality while also doing good for the world. We like the coffee’s by SlowMov because they do just that. Each of their specialty blends comes from specific microclimates and areas, using careful production practices and processes while also having 100% compostable packaging.

While preparing your favourite meal, make sure to clean all fruits and veggies carefully. We recommend using a Vegetable Brush or soft Mushroom brush by Iris Hantverk. All these wooden cooking utensils are hand-made from natural materials such as birch, beech, and oak, horsehair and goat hair, as well as plant fibres. They have been produced in a traditional way for over 100 years, contributing to equal-opportunities employment for visually impaired workers.

Once your meal is ready, make sure to celebrate the moment by setting the table. It’s those little details that turn any meal into a feast. We like our dishes paired with hand-thrown ceramics by Low Key Goods and Mette Duehdall. Vibrant teal plates can create a nice juxtaposition with colourful vegetables. While minimalistic stoneware mugs keep your table looking simple. If you want to go all the way, don’t forget that not wasting food is also part of living more consciously. Store your leftovers in a butter box or air-tight jar to preserve all that good stuff for another time.

In order to continue bringing you inspiration and support in these difficult times, our online shop will continue open, offering free shipping on all orders for the next two weeks.

Kauchy’s guide to better living