TAOS - A Round Table Discussion for Sustainable Futures

For any change to occur there must first be a restructuring of the situation. This can start as a thought, or it can begin as a conversation. There are a lot of important steps that come after but this initial conversation is a turning point towards action.

Casa TAOS opened up this space by hosting a roundtable event to table about sustainable futures.
The event was a collaboration with the Fab Lab, IAAC, and Elisava. The speakers included; Tomas Diaz, director of the Fab Lab, Marc from FOS, Paolo, one of the founders of Casa TAOS, Jasmine Boerner and David Wyss from the IAAC and Elisava Master in Design for Emergent Futures, and Inês Barroso and Cata Barroso, owners of 8pm- a sustainable fashion concept store, here in Barcelona.

Sustainability has to work for everyone. It cannot be an eco-niche for a microculture of people, it has to be accessible. For this inclusivity to take place we must not shy away from the industries that are creating so much waste. Rather we must search for viable solutions. Quality products that are made to last, and just as importantly a rewriting of our cultural narratives. Education as to what materials truly are more sustainable and why every purchase we make is a vote. Above all else balance between acknowledging the issues, and treating ourselves with kindness, and remembering that each individual is doing the best they can.

The frustration only sets in when we try to fight the injustices that on an individual level we cannot change. Sustainable perfectionism shifts us into the dangerous realm of righteousness and this well-doing intention can be blinding. The remedy is community, conversation, and collaboration. The gentle reminder that we are not in this alone. That in fact, we are a part of a movement held together by collective belief and the unique actions of many diverse individuals.

Casa TAOS is built on the principle of collaborative actions and strengthened through community. Hosting a conversation between people who are actively taking steps towards change was an opportunity to take action based on this philosophy. A lot of our communication takes place digitally but this in no way undermines the power of direct conversation that is facilitated by a physical space. A face-to-face conversation promotes deep listening which is crucial for understanding and change to take place. It was incredible to watch the space fill up with people ready to listen, and share their own learnings.

More than action for the sake of action it is about creating conditions for things to happen. This is in many ways the function of Casa TAOS, to serve as a space for change to occur. We were honored to host this conversation and look forward to the sharing of future ideas and holding this space.

Text & Images by Savannah Van Block