A New Beginning

A new chapter of Kauchy is finally here, and we are so happy to share it with you. 

Our goal is to create a genuinely sustainable marketplace with the finest products, made by independent artisans and iconic designers for you to enjoy at home. We are driven by a distinctive point of view that prizes craftsmanship and quality — and we’ve only just started this ambitious mission.

There’s no way to deny the state of our planet and there is no shortage of information on the real, very tangible effects of our carbon footprint. As a team, but first and foremost as people, we wanted to make a difference and decided to use each other’s strengths to pursue the same dream.

You’ll find that sustainability and transparency are at the heart of what we do. So rest assured that each of our items is carefully selected with attention to detail and the environment in mind. In our curated portfolio you will find unique design pieces, ceramics and everyday products that aim to do good in one way or another — all made by designers and artisans we admire.

To celebrate this new beginning, we would like to tell you our story. Kauchy was born from an idea of making it easier to buy high-end furniture consciously. It all started in 2016, when three friends from the tech and finance industries - Paolo Benavides, Juan Manuel Lemus and Johann San Cristobal - created a hassle-free online shop with a selection of vintage furniture and designer classics. The idea was quite simple: no bidding nor need to search around local flea-markets, just great design delivered straight to your door.

During those years, in a bit of a parallel life you could say, photographer Luciano Insua and creative director Ida Johansson were thinking about how they could contribute and inspire people to work towards a slower, more conscious lifestyle. Having worked within the fashion and design industries for many years, they wanted to tell relevant stories about artists and designers while also promoting environmentally responsible products and brands.

You can imagine the five of us felt the vibes immediately when our pragmatism and aesthetics got together. What started out as an online platform for pre-loved furniture, grew to become a one-stop-destination for sustainable design in all its forms. Friends and dreamers connected within our community and we were finally complete when stylists Iriana Sepulveda and Carolina Scollo joined the team.

There are so many aspects to keep in mind when creating a sustainable business. At times it is challenging, but we’re here to show you what a delight it is to find makers and dreamers who share the same values.

Text: Sara Martinez
Creative Director: Ida Johansson
Photographer: Luciano Insua