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Casa TAOS is a place to come together, to discover, feel and taste all that sustainable design has to offer. And in that spirit, our barista Mireia will welcome you to the Casa and make you a SlowMov single origin roasted coffee that will make you see one of life’s simplest pleasures in a whole new light. We sat down with Mireia to learn more about her passion for quality coffee and discover what set her on a sustainable journey.

 “ To me sustainability is about an equal treatment. It should be about equality and not about overexploitation in human, energy or animal resources. Casa TAOS is the place where I want to bring together a community of like minded makers, artisans, designers and gastronomy enthusiasts. To build a place for them to feel at home: through taste and experience. This extends beyond the doors of Casa TAOS though. I like taking care of our community of makers and responsible consumers. But we also need social sustainability in coffee, and I believe women in coffee can really help to close that gender gap and add balance.”

Mireia’s search for sustainability brought her initially to London “ To me, London was, and is, the cultural showcase of the world. Its rich multi-cultural history in music, arts and academies… it all appealed to me so strongly back then. I was working as a stylist at the time, and I would stop for a coffee or two at my favorite coffee shop. I think this is when something clicked, I started to enjoy coffee more and more for its taste, rather than just seeing it as a caffeine-shot. The owners started to let me taste the different roasts,I learned so much that I slowly started to switch my attention to food and beverages beyond being a consumer.

Specialty coffee became my specialty so, eventually, I left the fashion business. Through gastronomy I have found art and craftsmanship within a world that caters to the senses. I am obsessed with how flavours and experiences through food and drink communicate things that are unseen to the eye.”

Fermentation has definitely been a red thread through all of my formation in senses and flavour. It provides us with a unique vantage point to engage and connect with recent debates in anthropology, biology, and beyond. I'm obsessed with the origins of humanity and our rooted connection to fermentation. Even when it comes to coffee, the fermentation process can improve or ruin the flavour. It’s something most people aren’t even aware of. 

There’s something so human about fermentation, it’s present in so many products we consume, from coffee to beer wine cheese to kombucha! I moved from working with Specialty Coffee Roasters - like Square Mile and Allpress Espresso - to a beer brewery and through the magic world of natural wine. 

My journey kept me moving through the creative industry towards events management and production, I always kept one eye on Barcelona though, and when I returned I was overflowing with inspiration. I took every opportunity to meet the local artisan community. I met the SlowMov team while working on all the incredible independent food markets and festivals Barcelona has to offer. Same goes for Cyclic Beer, I’ve met all these inspiring people that are really challenging notions of food production. Through taste, certainly, but also through actively challenging traditional trade systems and empowering consumers to make better choices.

That being said, I want to invite everyone to Casa TAOS to continue to grow our community, whether you’re an artisan, into slow food or just looking to experience food and drinks on another level. I believe there’s a social and economical opportunity for change through specialty coffee trading. 

At Casa TAOS, I want to tell this story I have just told right now, but poured into a glass. With lots of love and an eye for ethics and esthetics. After all I did come from the world of design, craftsmanship and sustainability — I think I’m just a drinks-activist! “

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