SlowMov Organic Coffee, San Jerónimo

SlowMov Organic Coffee, San Jerónimo


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San Jerónimo Miramar is an ecologically diverse farm located in the Atitlán region of Guatemala.The owners of the estate, Giorgio and Gina Bressani, treat the environment, employees and their community with great care. Coffee, exotic fruits, honey and dairy are produced on the farm, so animals are a key part of the overall biodynamic system.A large part of the estate is a private nature reserve, and it also houses a laboratory to research natural methods to reduce fungi and pests in coffee.

  • Country : Guatemala
  • Region :  Patulul, Atitlán
  • Producer :  Bressani Family
  • Process :  Honey
  • Variety :  Catuai
  • Altitude :  1500-1700 m

Notes of melon and praline

    Sustainability: Organic beans from small batch fair-trade farms. Packaging is 100% biodegradable in 180 days.

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