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Tsegaye Tekebo owns a washing station near its garden coffee farm on the outskirts of the town of Biloya, Ethiopia where it produces about 150 bags of Grade 1 coffee. Its washing station uses a locally made pulping machine called Agard, and there Prepare other washed batches from the surrounding coffee growers. All coffee produced in their washing station is documented and traceable.

The Agard pulper remains in very good condition as the fermentation tanks are cleaned after the end of each season. 

Tsegaye Tekebo replants coffee varieties that are high-yield, high-quality, disease-resistant, drought-tolerant and pest-tolerant. 

  • Country / Ethiopia
  • Region / Kochere
  • Producer / Tsegaye Tekebo
  • Process / Lavado
  • Variety / Walichu-Dega
  • Altitude / 1780 m

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