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SlowMov Coffee, ALKO


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This coffee comes from small coffee plantations (0.25ha - 2Ha) from the Alko Cooperative in the shadow of the beautiful Kerinci volcano on the edge of Kerinci National Park, in the Kayo Aro district of West Sumatra.

The people who inhabit this region are originally from the island of Java and migrated to this region in the 1960s as part of a government program that sought to distribute the people among the land that was available for farming. Large government tea plantations dominate the landscape. The Alko cooperative has only been growing coffee for seven years.

  • Country / Indonesia
  • Region / Sumatra
  • Producer / Alko Cooperative
  • Process / Washed
  • Variety / Andung Sari, Lini-S, Sigaran Utang
  • Altitude / 1600 m

Notes of currant, cherry and black tea

    Sustainability: Organic beans from small batch fair-trade farms. Packaging is 100% biodegradable in 180 days.

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