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SlowMov Coffee, COLIMA

SlowMov Coffee, COLIMA


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In the middle of the 19th century, coffee production began in America. It was then that two pioneer families from Europe settled down to get started in coffee, the Spanish Castro-Jiménez family in Costa Rica and the German Kahle family in the Chiapas region of México. Alejo is the fifth generation of Castro-Kahle and for more than 100 years the family has been growing coffee on the flanks of the Poás volcano at Hacienda Colima. The soils are enriched by volcanic dust that falls eruption after eruption, surely this is what gives coffee all its flavor.

Alejo has a true passion for new varieties and processes, every year he innovates, elaborates and refines like an alchemist.

  • Country / Costa Rica
  • Region / Valle central
  • Producer / Alejo Castro Kahle
  • Process / Natural
  • Variety / San isidro
  • Altitude / 1400 - 1500 m

Notes of dates and pine nuts

Espresso Coffee

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