La Maca Fea També - Nuria Renom

La Maca Fea També - Nuria Renom

Nuria Renom

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In 2014 she began making wines from her tiny vineyard and rented farmhouse in the Garraf National Park.  While still working as a sommelier at Bar Brutal in Barcelona, she would finish her night shifts at the restaurant, and would hop on her scooter to go back to the Garraf to carefully tend to her vines. Her vines, worked with the utmost care and attention, provided the fruit for Nuria to begin her small productions. Over the years she has rightly earned the reputation as one of the most exciting winemakers to follow.

Nowadays as a “nomadic winemaker”, Nuria has the freedom to work with some of the best winemakers in the Alt Penedès and the surrounding hills.

Every year she harvests small quantities of grapes directly from them to continue making her micro- production lots, some of which are only about 100 bottles.

  • La Maca Fea També

La Maca La Fea també… 2018 is a natural orange wine. A natural wine from organic viticulture (uncertified grapes) that were harvested by hand and fermented with native yeast. No clarification, filtration or added sulfur.

It is a natural, calm and dry white wine. It stands out for the large amount of fruit that it leaves us in the different phases of its tasting. A salty touch, sparkling on the nose and in the mouth, with a tropical contribution but still dry. 

Undoubtedly a different wine, very much in the style that not long ago has become fashionable in wine bars around the world, with the natural and differentiating touch that orange wines give.

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