Make it a Conscious Christmas with our sustainable gift guide

This Christmas, we want to invite you to consume less and buy better. We’ve put together sustainable gift packs for every occasion, each with a distinct personality in mind. There’s an ideal gift to be found for anyone who appreciates conscious design. These conscious gifts support artisans and designers that have respect for the planet's natural balance. While every single product has a story worth discovering and a pledge to do better.

We all have that one friend, always busy and always on the go. We’ve created three gift sets that keep up with their energetic spirit, while also giving them a sustainable base for their daily rituals.

1 - The Tangent Gift Pack combines the fresh scent of Yuzu in a pampering natural soap bar and matching body lotion with a handmade wooden soap dish. A nice detail for an early-riser that likes to get an uplifting head-start. 

2 - Or make sure they enjoy their coffee to-go in a more sustainable manner. You can’t go wrong with the SlowMov x Huskee Gift Pack, Huskee cups are made by repurposing old coffee husks, resulting in a circular design product that’s the perfect solution to fight single-use coffee cups. We’ve paired it with SlowMov’s San Jeronimo single origin coffee, farmed on an ecologically diverse plot located in the Atitlán region of Guatemala. We’re throwing in a free organic cotton net bag so you’re all set.

3 - A little detail that goes a long way - the Humble Charcoal pack is a gift that really gives back. Each bamboo brush supports dental care projects around the world while their natural charcoal toothpaste is carefully formulated to protect pearly whites. And, because we don’t want their toothbrush to get lost in the bottom of a bag, we’ve added a free bamboo case.

But maybe the loved one you have in mind is the complete opposite, maybe they are more of a slow living, gourmet dandy. Someone who likes to take things slow, to enjoy their small moments of calm. Well, we’ve definitely thought about what to gift their discerning taste too.

4 - You might want to go all out, sustainably of course. The Tangent x Mint Pantari gift pack has been put together as the ultimate clean beauty selfcare pack. Sometimes, all you need to feel grounded again is lighting a vegan scented candle and a foaming Yuzu bubble bath — we’re giving an extra exfoliating soap for free to complement the handmade soap dish. 

5 - You could easily complement that with an elegant bottle of wine and dark chocolate. The Vinyes Tortuga x Original Beans gift pack combines these two classics with a sustainable twist: natural red wine and organic single origin chocolate. It’s decadent, but eco-consciously so. 

6 - Someone who enjoys taking things slow during their daily cooking rituals will love a handmade detail. The Secret Barry x Mette Duedahl gift pack brings together craftsmanship offering a hand-thrown ceramic butterbox and unique hand carved wooden knife.

And then there’s always the wild ones. The dreamers, the children of nature with flowers in their hair. 

7 - They’ll love the loose leaf teas in the Rhoeco Organic Tea gift pack. We’ve added our Zero Waste Collective glass tea filter, to help them minimize their carbon footprint further, while sipping on ecological herbal blends.

8 - If they are more of an outdoorsy type, no better gift than the Humble White Ginger pack. It combines a sustainable bamboo toothbrush with naturally refreshing ginger toothpaste and a biodegradable dental floss. To keep it clean while out in nature, we’ve added a free bamboo case.

9 - And last but not least is a gift that can be enjoyed together. Cyclic Beer Farm specializes in mix fermentation that yields unique tastes, influenced by the seasons. The Cyclic Beer gift pack offers two tasty beers to cheer together, to a more sustainable life.

Like we said, each of our products has a story to tell. A mood to complement. So join us this holiday season in choosing wisely, buying better and enjoying more. We invite you to buy local, stop by at Casa TAOS in El Poblenou to shop our sustainable gift guide and discover all sustainable design has to offer. Let’s shift the balance, because the wheels are already turning. You’ll enjoy a sustainable Christmas and the planet will reap the rewards.

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